​Contact us today to schedule your private consult and tasting session. It's THE BEST part of wedding planning. 


We offer FREE private tasting sessions for orders of 100+ servings.  One of these sessions is included with every wedding order. Appointments are designed to accommodate 2 people. If there will be more than 2 people for your tasting, there is an additional fee of $10 per person.  Tastings are available for smaller orders as well, for a fee of $40.

Since all of our cakes are made fresh to order (even for tastings), please let us know if more than 2 people will be in attendance. 

During your tasting, you will have the opportunity to sample 5 of our most popular cake flavors. We feel that you are sure to find something that you love in this variety. If not, we have an extended list of flavors and fillings that are sure to please your palette.


Since inspiration can come from the least expected things, we encourage you to bring anything to this consultation that you feel is relevant to the celebration. Things such as fabric samples, invitations, Pinterest pins,  and any other objects or photos that will help us design your special cake. 

**We do not replicate other artists’ work, because we recognize the time and effort that goes into the design process and we respect their time and talents. If you bring a photo of a cake you like, we will make recommendations and use some ideas, but the final design will be uniquely